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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use this FAQ
This F.A.Q. is meant as a guideline to questions that we recieve e-mails about. It is most likely NOT a problem solving page. Please visit the IRC channel on channel #tvcat, they may be able to help you out.
What happened to the original site?
B. Agricola, the founder and developer of, stepped back from the project: "Thanks for the good times. It's time to move on. (...) So for a long time I've not maintained the calendar or kept up with new shows adequately, and to be honest I find no interest or enjoyment from this project anymore. The machine that the calendar was hosted on needs to be repurposed, so I'm stepping back." The moment we saw this we decided to step in, as he open sourced his code. We are providing this site "as-is" for anyone who might find it helpful. Since none of the user account information from the old site has been exported and provided, including show selections and everything else, you have to register again if you want your personal settings saved.

We also made some changes with the relaunch.
Why should i register an account?
While you can use all of the features (except from the .ics generator) without registering on the site, registering assures that your settings are stored permanently within the calendar database.

As an anonymous user your settings are stored in the server database, but if your user ID receives no activity for a period of 4 or more weeks, your settings are deleted to keep the database clean. Registering also allows you to login to the calendar from multiple locations.

Once logged in, even as an anonymous user, you should never have to login again UNLESS you clean your browsers' cookie cache, or logout. The details you provide when you register, an email address and a password, are used for nothing else but logins and password recovery. We reserve the right to send you an occasional newsletter about this site - but, just as on the old site: We will NEVER share your email address with a third party.

If you would like to register with the calendar, please head to the register page. If you already have a filter or settings set with an anonymous user before registering, your settings should be transferred to your registered user as long as the anonymous user cookie exists at registration time.

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Where does the info come from?
Since 2009 the site has been using's XML Feeds as its' main data source. Where show information is missing or incorrect, Epguides data is used to fill in the gaps. Data is collected once a day.
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Why are some shows not shown, or have incorrect information?
Due to the sheer amount of data which is used to build the calendar, it is really not a manual job. We do have nearly every major / minor weekly series tracked and we do run updates every day, but if TVRage have show info missing, then so do we. If TVRage have a show listing but it is not visible on the calendar, Please email using the contact link at the bottom of the page asking for the show to be added. When requesting a show be added, it would be very helpful to link to the TVRage page for a show (or give its' show ID, if you know how to find it), its' page on Epguides and
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What do the colours mean?
We have recently introduced a system that highlights the FIRST EPSIODE of that season (eg 1x01, 3x01, 17x01). This is so you can more easily see when your favorite shows start. The first episodes are shown in ORANGE.

We have a new feature where you can mark of which shows you have watched. When you mark them, the shows will go GREEN.

All standard shows are coloured WHITE.
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How can I generate an ICS for google calendar?
Currently, the link you see on the top bar when logged in to 'Download iCal File', forces your browser to download the iCal to file directly rather than showing the contents of the file in your browser. This is the desired behaviour if you want to import it manually into a calendar program which may not have an import-from-url feature. Unfortunately, the way the file is forced to download (by telling your browser the file is an attachment) is not compatible with google calendar; for some reason, it is unable to read the data (this used to work, strangely).

If you copy the URL given to you from the 'Download iCal File' link and change 'download-ics' to 'generate-ics', you should be able to use the new link within google calendar and most calendar programs with an import-from-url feature. By telling the server to generate the ics rather than download it, the file is sent without an attachment header and can be read correctly by google.

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How can I use the RSS / XML Feeds?
XML / RSS outputs are available via links at the bottom of any of the daily, weekly or monthly episode grids (not for the main calendar view by month). You do not need to be signed into the site, but if your RSS Reader / Browser sends the cookie used to log you in to the site along with the request for the RSS or XML feeds, they will be filtered by your filter settings.

The XML output is a custom XML format representing the data objects used to store the TV Show / Episode data internally, intended for use by scripts, and cannot be read by RSS readers. You must use the RSS feed for this as it is specifically formatted.

Whether you intend to use either of the feeds with a script or simply in your own RSS reader, please set your automatic refresh to 30+ minutes - the data does not change often and anything less is a waste of both your and my bandwidth.
I DO intend to expose more stored data via the XML feed in the future.

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