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What's new?

Changes as of 2012 / 09 / 20

  • You may now add / remove a single show to/from your filter with a single click from the show's episode list page: Example

Changes as of 2012 / 09 / 18

  • Updated show summaries and added some grafics to show's epidose-guide page Example
  • Last episode of a show that is on our record is now displayed red - this does not necessarily mean that it's as season/series finale but it is the last episode we currently have on record. It may be the last episode of the season, of the show or before a longer break.
  • We now also show episodes in a show's episode guide which have no airdate set yet (airdate "TBA" = "To Be Announced") Example.
  • Added loads of new shows, check if yours is there, too!

Changes as of 2012 / 09 / 14

  • Option to hide voting stars and epguide-icon in calendar main view
  • Restructured and added info about shows on show's epidose-guide page Example
  • Added a bunch of new shows - keep it coming people, but please note, that it can take about 24 hours before the new shows are displayed AND that we will not reply to your requests, so come back and check yourself.

Changes as of 2012 / 09 / 13

Thanks for your feedback just a few hours after we were publicly linked from On-My.TV. Here's what you wanted and what we did:
  • Added a list of TOP 10 shows, based on how many users selected them in their filter
  • Added a bunch of new shows
  • Voting is not possible anymore for episodes that did not air yet, stars for upcoming episodes are not displayed anymore.
  • Soon ToDo: Option to hide voting stars in calendar main view
  • Added a poll to homepage asking you if you would be interested in us building up a community on this site where you can comment on and discuss about your favourite shows and episodes.

Changes as of 2012 / 09 / 12

When we stepped in to host On-My.TV's TV Calendar we also made some - as we think - improvements to the script which we hope you will also like. We are not saying that On-My.TV did a bad job, not at all! They've done an extraordinarily great job and we are thankful for all of it. Some things though can be done better - to our taste, which are:
  • Improved access to voting for episodes (feature is now not as hidden as before). Please use it!
  • Episode guides of shows now display the short description for that show (if available) and also the overall average show rating based on all single episode ratings (you still can't rate a show, you need to rate the episodes to affect the show ratings). Example
  • Improved cross-linking between different pages to speed up navigating the site:
    • Added HOME-Link in top navigation (long overdue!)
    • Added top navigation bar to some pages that did not have it before
    • Click on day number in main calendar: TV Listing for that day Example
    • Click on icon next to show name in main calendar: Episode guide for that show Example
    • Click on date in episode guide listing: TV Listing for that day Example
    • And some other links to allow quicker navigation
  • Added contact form (tell us about shows you miss in our database!)
  • Added over 20 new shows
  • Some styling changes
  • Some small bugfixes (a few shows could not be called to open episode guide) and other minor changes you will surely notice over time
We hope you like what we did and if we see, that people use this site we will keep improving it and adding more features - but always with the premise to keep it plain, simple, sleek as it always was and not to overload it.