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Miranda Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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  • Show status
  • on network
    BBC one
  • Last episode S4E2 aired 2015-01-01
    7 years ago
  • Rating based on 12 user-votes
    • 4.58/5

    Miranda (TV-Show)4.6/5 (12 Votes)

    4.6 / 5
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Miranda (source:

Last episode:

aired 2015-01-01 (7 years ago)
The Final Curtain
Season: 4 | Episode: 2
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Show Summary

Sitcom starring Miranda Hart. It doesn't matter what Miranda attempts in life, whether it's dating or simply dealing with her overbearing mother, she always seems to fall flat, quite literally.

(Source of summary and banner:

Started: Nov/09/2009
Ended: Jan/01/2015
Usually aired on: Monday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy
Country: UK UK
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  • s04e02
    • 0.00/5
    7 years ago
    20:30- 21:00
    Miranda attempts to readjust to life following her break up with Gary.
  • s04e01
    • 0.00/5
    7 years ago
    20:30- 21:00
    Miranda is exactly were we last saw her, with two proposals - one from Gary and one from Mike. But who will she choose and can she cope with the pressures of being a wife?
  • s03e06
    • 4.50/5
    9 years ago
    20:30- 21:00
    Miranda - S4E2 Miranda comes to a big life decision as she decides to go travelling. She’s leaving and this time she says it's for good. Stevie is upset and her mother is too wrapped up in renewing her wedding vows to notice. It looks like Gary is the only person who can stop her from leaving.
    (Screencap by
  • s03e05
    • 4.50/5
    9 years ago
    20:30- 21:00
    Miranda - S4E2 Gary is getting ready for the reopening of the restaurant, and seeing him in his best chef whites leaves Miranda all agog as he he has never looked so good. Stevie's advice is simple as she advises her to tell him how she feels before it's too late.
    (Screencap by
  • s03e04
    • 4.50/5
    9 years ago
    20:30- 21:00
    Miranda - S4E2 Miranda has been looking after her sick mother for five long days. Being stuck inside her flat and ordered around by her mother, Miranda is forced to think about her life regrets. After she ends up becoming ill as well, Tilly, Gary, and Stevie offer no sympathy or help at all.
    (Screencap by
  • s03e03
    • 4.50/5
    9 years ago
    20:30- 21:00
    Miranda - S4E2 Miranda attempts to prove to herself and her friends that she can officially be an adult. She starts by looking after a toddler, but ends up getting stuck inside a kids' tunnel. When she attempts to host a dinner party for eight, it ends in complete chaos.
    (Screencap by
  • s03e02
    • 5.00/5
    9 years ago
    20:30- 21:00
    Miranda - S4E2 Penny manages to embarrass her daughter after she decides to run for local councillor with Tilly supporting her. Gary decides to join the dating scene and Miranda decides she has to do the same. They both attempt to find dates for Stevie’s birthday party.
    (Screencap by
  • s03e01
    • 4.50/5
    9 years ago
    20:30- 21:00
    Miranda - S4E2 Penny threatens to cancel Miranda’s Christmas unless she attempts to sort her life out. She makes her go into detox. Stevie has a new executive job and Miranda decides to try and get an office job as well but it all ends up proving too much.
    (Screencap by