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Jennifer Falls Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Jennifer Falls

  • Show status
  • on network
  • Last episode S1E10 aired 2014-08-14
    8 years ago
  • Rating based on 8 user-votes
    • 2.50/5

    Jennifer Falls (TV-Show)2.5/5 (8 Votes)

    2.5 / 5
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Jennifer Falls (source:

Last episode:

aired 2014-08-14 (8 years ago)
Jennifer's Song
Season: 1 | Episode: 10
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  • 3.00/5
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Show Summary

The series revolves around Jennifer Doyle, a former high-powered executive who has fallen and hit every bump on the way down to rock bottom. With her teenage daughter in tow, Jennifer moves back in with her mother and takes a job in the bar owned by her meek brother and passive-aggressive sister-in-law as a last resort. There, she reunites with her former best friend who turns out to be holding quite a grudge. But every cloud has a silver lining: there's nowhere to go but up.

(Source of summary and banner:

Started: Jun/04/2014
Ended: Aug/13/2014
Usually aired on: Wednesday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy Family
Country: US US
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  • s01e10
    • 3.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    Jennifer feels suspicious about Adam after he asks her and Gretchen to move in with him.
  • s01e09
    • 2.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    Jennifer feels jealous after Adam receives credit for raising Gretchen.
  • s01e08
    • 0.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    Jennifer is left feeling stunned after Gretchen's absent father shows up in town, declaring that he has become a success.
  • s01e07
    • 2.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    After Jennifer begins seeing a psychiatrist so that she can better handle her mother, even he finds it hard to break through to Maggie.
  • s01e06
    • 2.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    Gretchen's school performance worries Jennifer.
  • s01e05
    • 2.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    When Jennifer decides to reward her daughter by taking her on a 'staycation' to the backyard, her fun is threatened with work and family dramas.
  • s01e04
    • 0.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    Jennifer and Dina find out that they both lost their virginity to the same man and set out to gain revenge.
  • s01e03
    • 3.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    Jennifer falls for a man who is seeing her mum in therapy.
  • s01e02
    • 3.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    Jennifer Falls - S1E10 When she pays a visit to her old health club, Jennifer feels like she's reliving her years in high school, however when she ends up ditching Dina for rich friends from her past, she ends up in all sorts of trouble.
    (Screencap by
  • s01e01
    • 3.00/5
    8 years ago
    02:30- 03:00
    Jennifer Falls revolves around a career woman and mother, Jennifer Doyle (Jaime Pressly) who must move back in with her own mom after being let go from her high-powered, six-figure salary job. With her teenage daughter in tow, Jennifer has to face her new life and figure out what the next steps are to rebuild.