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Wallander Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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  • Show status
  • on network
    BBC one
  • Last episode S3E3 aired 2012-07-22
    7 years ago
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Last episode:

aired 2012-07-22 (7 years ago)
Before the Frost
Season: 3 | Episode: 3
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Show Summary

This drama follows Inspector Kurt Wallander – a middle-aged everyman – as he struggles against a rising tide of violence in the apparently sleepy backwaters in and around Ystad in Skane, southern Sweden.

Based on the international best-selling books by Henning Mankell.

Started: Nov/30/2008
Usually aired on: Sunday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Crime Drama
Country: UK UK
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  • s03e03
    • 0.00/5
    7 years ago
    20:00- 21:30
    Anna Westin is a troubled childhood friend of Wallander's daughter who shows up at his house late one night needing for his help. She soon disappears though afterwards. An elderly woman's burned body is discovered in a shallow grave, and Wallander soon discovers a connection between Anna and the murder victim. Linda returns to Ystad to try and help with the investigation.
  • s03e02
    • 0.00/5
    7 years ago
    20:00- 21:30
    The bodies of a pair of Latvian men are found on a life raft in Ystad harbour. They are covered in Russian mafia tattoos and have been tortured and brutally murdered. After Wallander travels to the Latvian capital Riga in tey and find the killers, he finds himself becoming entangled in a web of corruption.
  • s03e01
    • 0.00/5
    7 years ago
    20:00- 21:30
    Wallander moves into his dream home with his new girlfriend. His happiness ends up being shattered though after the skeleton of a girl is found in the garden. He has to attempt to get his new life back on track by working out the identity of her killer, but the case is not as cold as he believes.
  • s02e03
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    21:00- 22:30
    The disappearance of one elderly man turns into a murder inquiry that may involve other killings. As he investigates the links between victims, Wallander becomes close to one of the primary suspects.
  • s02e02
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    21:00- 22:30
    Wallander finds his life spiralling into depression after he kills a man in the line of duty. Wallander decides to quit his as Sten Torstensson, an old friend, asks him to look into the death of his father in a car accident. After having dismissed the case, Wallander later finds out that Sten has been found dead, believed to have taken his own life. Wallander returns to work to investigate what looks like it could now be a double murder.
  • s02e01
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    21:00- 22:30
    Inspector Wallander finds a bloodbath when he takes a look around an isolated farmhouse on a routine call. A dying woman manages to say a word to Wallander before she dies and it ends up getting leaked to the press which causes major problems. Wallander finds his personal life in a mess.