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Vanity Fair Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Vanity Fair

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  • Next episode S1E5 airs 2018-09-23
    in 2 days
  • Last episode S1E4 aired 2018-09-16
    4 days ago
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Last episode:

Vanity Fair - S1E4
(Screencap by
aired 2018-09-16 (4 days ago)
Episode 4
Season: 1 | Episode: 4
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Next episode:

airs 2018-09-23 (in 2 days )
Episode 5
Season: 1 | Episode: 5

As the Battle of Waterloo begins, Becky decides the war isn't so bad, so long as there's money to be made.

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Show Summary

Gwyneth Hughes' adaptation of Thackeray's literary classic is set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars, and follows Becky Sharp as she attempts to claw her way out of poverty and scale the heights of English Society. Her story of "villainy, crime, merriment, lovemaking, jilting, laughing, cheating, fighting and dancing", takes her all the way to the court of King George IV, via the Battle of Waterloo, breaking hearts and losing fortunes as she goes.

Usually airs on:

Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama
Country: GB GB
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  • s01e05
    in 2 days

    As the Battle of Waterloo begins, Becky decides the war isn't so bad, so long as there's money to be made.

  • s01e04
    • 0.00/5
    4 days ago
    Vanity Fair - S1E4

    On the eve of the battle, Becky makes a triumphant entrance into high society and finds a new use for old friends.

    (Screencap by
  • s01e03
    • 0.00/5
    2 weeks ago
    Vanity Fair - S1E4

    Becky lives with rich Aunt Matilda, and her future is looking bright. But as war clouds gather, everyone's fortunes take a tumble.

    (Screencap by
  • s01e02
    • 0.00/5
    2 weeks ago
    Vanity Fair - S1E4

    In darkest Hampshire, Becky spends her days as governess to Sir Pitt Crawley's neglected daughters. Her employer's handsome youngest son, Rawdon, does his best to interest Becky in a flirtation. But Becky's ambition is to get into her employer's good books, and soon she is promoted to the position of Sir Pitt's indispensable secretary. In London, Amelia's childhood sweetheart, George Osborne, never replies to any of her letters. George's father now opposes their marriage because he suspects the Sedley family business is failing. When Mr Osborne calls in his loans, Amelia's father is ruined.Sir Pitt's snobbish sister, Matilda, pays a visit to Queen's Crawley. Everyone is on their very best behaviour, because they all yearn to be remembered in the rich old lady's will. Becky forms a new plan, and quickly charms her way to becoming Matilda's favourite new companion. Matilda sweeps Becky off in her carriage, to Sir Pitt's dismay.

    (Screencap by
  • s01e01
    • 0.00/5
    3 weeks ago
    Vanity Fair - S1E4

    Lowly teaching assistant Becky issues headmistress Miss Pinkerton with an ultimatum – pay her properly to teach at her Academy for Young Ladies or find her a station elsewhere. Miss Pinkerton calls Becky's bluff, and Becky is forced to pack away her meagre possessions. Catching sight of kindly stockbroker's daughter Amelia Sedley, Becky dabs away her tears and laments her misfortune. Amelia takes pity on the poor orphan and offers to take her home for the week. She has nowhere else to go. Amelia's dreams are like any other girl's – she wants to be married and happy. But Becky wants to make sure tomorrow is better than today, and plans to seize the opportunity to better herself. Becky quickly makes herself at home at the Sedley house, where she targets Amelia's wealthy but oafish brother, Jos. With Amelia's enthusiastic help, Becky makes it her mission to charm Jos into proposing marriage before the week is out. Amelia persuades her snobbish fiancé, Lieutenant George Osborne, to take the whole party out for a romantic night at the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens - the perfect chance for Becky to secure Jos's affections. George brings along his best friend Captain William Dobbin, who is secretly in love with Amelia. At Vauxhall Becky hangs on Jos's every word, willing him to propose to her. But Jos is much more interested in drinking rack punch and ends up making a drunken fool of himself. When George ridicules his choice of an impoverished bride and scares Jos off, Becky knows exactly who to blame for scuppering her plans.Becky must now leave the Sedley house and take up her position as governess at a rundown old mansion in darkest Hampshire. Alone in the world again, Becky catches sight of Captain Rawdon Crawley, her new master's dashing youngest son.

    (Screencap by