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The Red Road Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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The Red Road

  • Show status
  • on network
  • Last episode S2E6 aired 2015-05-08
    9 years ago
  • Rating based on 12 user-votes
    • 2.25/5

    The Red Road (TV-Show)2.3/5 (12 Votes)

    2.3 / 5
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The Red Road (source:

Last episode:

aired 2015-05-08 (9 years ago)
Shadow Walker
Season: 2 | Episode: 6
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  • 1.00/5
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Show Summary

THE RED ROAD is a hard-hitting drama that revolves around a local cop struggling to keep his family together while policing two clashing communities: the small town where he grew up and the neighboring mountains, home of a Native American tribe. After a terrible tragedy and coverup occurs involving the cop’s wife an unholy alliance is forged between the cop and an ex-con, a dangerous member of the tribe that will come back to haunt all involved.

(Source of summary and banner:

Started: Feb/27/2014
Usually aired on: Thursday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Crime Drama Family
Country: US US

Alternative titles:
  • The Descendants (US)
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  • s02e06
    • 1.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Harold and Kopus find Junior alive in the woods. Kopus distracts Levi’s men while Harold and Junior make their way to the road and flag down a car. Kopus barely escapes gunshots in the woods. In New Jersey, Jean spirals further out of control. She confronts her father about his actions against her brother. Her father reluctantly admits it but maintains it was for Brian’s own good. Jean lashes out and seeks vengeance for her brother. Harold later goes to Marie to make peace and to give her the information about the dumping and Jack’s connection to it. Reluctantly, Marie visits Jack in prison who gives her back the photograph of Kopus as a child, which has proof of the city’s culpability. That night, Levi and his men attack the Lenape. Kopus defends the tribe but may find his efforts are not enough to save those closest to him.
  • s02e05
    • 1.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Jean, distraught over Rachel’s episode, throws her pills in the toilet. Harold finds the paint sludge in the mines and returns to tell Jean, who says she thinks her father knows more than he lets on. Kopus goes to Junior’s campsite but finds it burning. He quickly finds Harold to tell him that Junior went to kill Levi. Jean, off her meds, takes her daughters to her parents’ house in a search for the vent she thought she imagined. She stabs the wall with a knife, revealing the vent. Junior makes an attempt on Levi’s life. Harold shows up at Levi’s house looking for Junior. Jean’s parents try to take the girls away from her but Jean leaves with her daughters and tries to enlist Kopus’ help to find Harold. He rejects her, but eventually decides to help. Harold is released and together he and Kopus venture to find Junior.
  • s02e04
    • 5.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Believing his career is over, Harold meets with the Mayor who reveals the gun found on the dead man matches the gun that killed Mac. Harold is promoted to Captain and visits Jack to get more information after receiving a cryptic note left by Captain Warren. Rachel finds Jean’s diary and is deeply disturbed. Kopus confronts Harold about believing Levi’s men are behind Mac’s death. Jack reveals that the mob and the Mayor colluded to dump paint sludge in the mines. Harold confronts Jean’s father about this revelation but he denies any knowledge. Jean finds Rachel convulsing on the floor of the bathroom after taking some of Jean’s anti-psychotics. Kopus visits Sonya again and tries to give her some of the money, but the plan backfires and gunshots are fired. Junior heads off to meet Levi, his father and Chief of the Lenape tribe.
  • s02e03
    • 3.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    After hearing of Captain Warren’s suicide, Harold, Jean and her parents discuss their uneasiness. Marie meets with the Tribal Council to discuss the issue of a casino, which Sky is fiercely opposed to. They take their argument back to Marie’s house, where they are held up by two hooded men who are looking for the missing money. A shootout ensues at Marie’s until Kopus arrives, saving Marie and Sky. Jean’s parents tell Jean they are planning on moving to upstate New York and would like Harold and Jean to come with them. Jean takes Kate to go to her parents’ house, where she searches for a vent she remembers from her youth. Harold joins Frank in the search for the hooded men and returns home to Jean who tells him Captain Warren confessed to killing his wife right before he took his own life.
  • s02e02
    • 3.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Kopus becomes the focal point for all of the suspicion from the tribe. Harold protects Junior, jeopardizing his standing in the police department.

    Kopus hides the money he found at Mac’s house. The Jensen family attends Mac’s funeral and are greeted awkwardly by Marie. Jean meets a medicine woman who tells her of an alternative treatment that may help her schizophrenia. Kopus shows up to the funeral and nearly incites a riot, but manages to pay his respects. He also runs into Sky who tells him about the casino men who may be involvedwith Mac’s death and connected to his father. Kopus visits Jack in prison, who gives him very little information. Harold goes to find Junior and brings him into the station but cuts the interview short. Jean gets a call that Dorothy Warren has died. She goes over to their house to comfort Captain Warren and to help him pick out clothes for the funeral. Jean leaves feeling purposeful, but her visit can’t cure the Captain’s guilt and sadness.
  • s02e01
    • 1.50/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Kopus finds new conflicts and surprises at home. The Lenape tribe finally receives federal recognition. Harold has his hands full, as the citizens of Walpole make no effort to mask their anger and resentment of the tribe's new official status.