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The Mega-Brands That Built America Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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The Mega-Brands That Built America

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  • Last episode S2E4 aired 2024-05-20
    16 hours ago
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The Mega-Brands That Built America (source:

Last episode:

aired 2024-05-20 (16 hours ago)
Suite Dreams: Birth of the Modern Hotel
Season: 2 | Episode: 4
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Show Summary

The innovations, failures and incredible achievements of some of the most successful businesses in history, from megastores like Costco and Walmart to shipping giants like FedEx and UPS, that forever changed the way Americans live.

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Type: Documentary
Genres: History
Country: US US
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  • s02e04
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    Two visionaries breathe new life into the hotel industry in America and the world, by setting the modern standard for hospitality. Despite setbacks, economic downturns, and international conflict, these rivals will stop at nothing to be number one.

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  • s01e04
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    9 months ago
    The Mega-Brands That Built America - S2E4

    James Gamble and Harley Procter invent a revolutionary new soap that revolutionizes America and opens up a market to entrepreneurs in the late 1800s, when Americans rarely bathed and deadly diseases were commonplace.

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  • s01e03
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    9 months ago
    The Mega-Brands That Built America - S2E4

    The evolution of America's most beloved sports of baseball, basketball and football are made possible by the innovations of sporting goods pioneers named Spalding, Wilson, and the Rawlings brothers.

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    The Mega-Brands That Built America - S2E4

    A century ago, shipping packages was slow and shipping overnight was impossible, until two Seattle brothers risk everything to reinvent shipping packages for all; a tenacious Yale graduate creates a world-famous express delivery service.

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    The Mega-Brands That Built America - S2E4

    Founding fathers of the biggest retail stores in the world battle to be the first to innovate, build, and revolutionize the industry. And one of the top businessmen of the 20th century, Sam Walton, will construct the world's largest retail empire.

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