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The Invisible Pilot Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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The Invisible Pilot

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  • Last episode S1E3 aired 2022-04-19
    4 months ago
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Last episode:

aired 2022-04-19 (4 months ago)
Episode 3
Season: 1 | Episode: 3
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Show Summary

It's a tale of a charismatic, daredevil husband and father who unexpectedly jumped off a bridge in 1977, despite a seemingly happy home life and a lucrative career as a pilot. His small-town Arkansas community searches for his body in vain while family and friends seek answers. Years later, a mysterious story emerges involving hypnosis, secret identities and a double life of dangerous missions and law-breaking. And that’s just the beginning.

HBO Started:
Usually aired on:

Type: Documentary
Genres: Mystery
Country: US US
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