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Spy Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Show Summary

The series follows a group of real-life volunteers as they are trained by former spies in espionage techniques, including maintaining a false identity, surveillance, persuasion and recruitment. The programme's psychological challenges, dramatic tension, high production values, and personable cast led to its being called 'the most addictive thing on TV at the moment' by The Daily Telegraph.

Over 5,000 candidates from across the United Kingdom applied to be on the show. The candidates were narrowed down to a pool of eight recruits before the start of the show. As the show progressed, recruits who failed to demonstrate sufficient potential as agents were unceremoniously dismissed from the competition.

In the final episode, one recruit emerged as the winner, but there was no prize other than the satisfaction of knowing that they had what it takes to be a real spy.
Spy trainers Ferguson & Williams
Spy trainers Ferguson & Williams

The recruits, in alphabetical order, were:

* Daboh, Austin (19, male)
* Dhiri, Reena (28, female)
* Dilworth, Simon (35, male)
* Glantz, Suzi (58, female)
* Jackson, Nicola (24, female)
* Moule, Jennie (27, female)
* van Schwaiger, Max (35, male)
* Winn, Gabriel (24, male)

The three experts, called their "tutors," who devised the training missions, trained the recruits, and evaluated their performance were:

* Mike Baker, a former CIA field operations officer
* Sandy Williams, a former Intelligence Officer
* Harry Ferguson, formerly of MI6

Additional training was conducted by John Potter, and narration was provided by Paul Brightwell.

(Source of summary and banner:

Started: Oct/14/2011
Usually aired on: Friday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Action Comedy
Country: UK UK
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