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Shipwreck Men Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Shipwreck Men

  • Show status
    New Series
  • on network
    Discovery Channel
  • Last episode S1E4 aired 2013-02-05
    9 years ago
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Shipwreck Men (source:

Last episode:

aired 2013-02-05 (9 years ago)
A Mess in the Marquesas
Season: 1 | Episode: 4
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Show Summary

There are modern day pirates patrolling the coast of southern Florida - and the bounty they're after is boats in distress. Salvage companies scan the waters day and night. When trouble strikes they race into action, whether it's saving a sinking vessel, rescuing boats from dangerous hurricane storms or putting out a massive fire. While their intentions are good, it doesn't mean it isn't a cutthroat business. With a fortune to be made, the competition is intense. The first crew on the scene is the one that gets the job - and the lucrative profits. The rest of the companies get nothing and must wait for the next call in hopes of securing a job and keeping their business afloat. Meet the men behind four of south Florida's fiercest salvage companies in Discovery's SHIPWRECK MEN.

(Source of summary and banner:

Discovery Channel Started: Jan/14/2013
Usually airs on: Monday

Type: Reality
Genres: Action Adventure Family
Country: US US
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    The Arnold's Towing crew perform a risky salvage.
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    Salvage crews clean up after Hurricane Isaac.
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    On the premiere of Shipwreck Men, four Marine Salvage crews compete to survive on the waters of South Florida in a brutal economy.

    In Miami, Atlantis captain Burt Korpela tangles with rookie captain Chuck Hansen of Fast Response. But when a boat fire rages, Burt stands to make a lot of money -- if he can put it out.

    In Fort Lauderdale, Ryan Sewell of Downrite is pressured by a rival company before racing to save a yacht that is about to wreck on the rocks.

    And down in the Florida Keys, Ricky Arnold of Arnold’s Marine and his two sons fight dangerous waters to salvage a sunken boat. When things go wrong though, it could end up costing son Shane his life.