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Serangoon Road Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Serangoon Road

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  • Last episode S1E10 aired 2013-11-29
    9 years ago
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Serangoon Road (source:

Last episode:

aired 2013-11-29 (9 years ago)
Episode 10
Season: 1 | Episode: 10
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  • 0.00/5
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Show Summary

HBO Asia’s first Original series, a ten-episode detective noir series set against the tumultuous backdrop of 1960s Singapore, when the global balance of power is shifting and Singapore is at its crossroad; a time when the British colonial rule is coming to an end, independence is on the horizon, and the island state can finally forge its own identity.

(Source of summary and banner:

ABC Started: Sep/22/2013
Usually aired on: Friday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Crime Drama Mystery
Country: AU AU
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  • s01e10
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    11:25- 12:25
    Sam attempts to prove that James Lim was responsible for the murder of Patricia's husband but ends up uncovering much more than that.
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    Robbo, an Aboriginal merchant seaman takes an interest in Angie , a wannabe journalist and part-time barmaid at the Duke Hotel. After he wakes up though and finds a bloodied Ange dead in bed beside him, he has no recollection of what happened.
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    Kang ends up being caught attempting to smuggle explosives whilst Sam works to save him from trial and possible execution. Conrad is surprised to find out that MI6 has a file on his girlfriend Su Ling.
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    After a newborn baby is left on the doorstep of the agency, Sam and Patricia work uncoverto try and find out the identity of the mother of the child.
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    After Sam and Claire find out that adulterated medicine is being given to sick children in the village, the investigation into who is responsible surprises everybody.
  • s01e04
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    9 years ago
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    Sam finds himself having a conflict of interest after the Cheng Detective Agency is employed to investigate his lover Claire's husband Frank Simpson.
  • s01e03
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    Patricia ends up being attacked and robbed during a riot while on her way to see a client. A Malay journalist attempts to help her who is later accused of being one of the instigators of the riot.
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    When WWII makes Singapore too dangerous, a young husband sends his wife to safety in their native China. Then China closes its borders after the war, and it takes the woman more than two decades to escape back to Singapore.
    Now, unable to go to the police without a passport and not knowing whether her husband is even still alive, she hires the Cheng Detective Agency to help her find him.
  • s01e01
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    9 years ago
    11:25- 12:25
    When recently-widowed Patricia Cheng decides to keep her late husband's detective agency open, she asks Australian-born neighbor and friend Sam Callaghan, who aided her husband with investigations in the past, to help her work a new case.
    The American CIA has hired the agency to locate a U.S. Navy sailor accused of stabbing his shipmate while they were on shore leave. As his search progresses, Sam begins to question the sailor's guilt.