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Murphy Brown Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Murphy Brown

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  • Next episode S11E5 airs 2018-10-26
    in 5 days
  • Last episode S11E4 aired 2018-10-19
    2 days ago
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Murphy Brown (source:

Last episode:

aired 2018-10-19 (2 days ago)
Three Shirts to the Wind
Season: 11 | Episode: 4
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Next episode:

airs 2018-10-26 (in 5 days )
The Girl Who Cried About Wolf
Season: 11 | Episode: 5

Fearful of being scooped while legal vets her weighty investigative story, Murphy is exasperated when she learns Frank is dating an anchor, Christy Shepherd, from the competing Wolf Network.

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Show Summary

Murphy is the star reporter on a news magazine show called FYI. The show is based in Washington DC, which gives the FYI team more than enough material to work with. Murphy lives in a townhouse that she has been having repainted for the duration of the series, Eldin the painter may never finish the job, but Murphy doesn't seem to mind. Murphy owes her Betty Ford trip to Phil, he owns the local bar & restaurant where the staff and the rest of the political scene have lunch. Phil knows about everything going on in Washington. Jim Dial is the uptight senior anchor, a seasoned veteran, who accompanied Murphy on her trip to the Betty Ford Clinic. Frank is a single guy and constantly looking for a girlfriend, he is also Murphy's best friend. Corky is a former Miss America turned news person, she covers all the "hard" news.

CBS Started:
Usually airs on:

Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama Comedy
Country: US US
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  • s11e06
    in 1 week

    The 'Murphy in the Morning' team gears up for their live all-day coverage of the mid-term elections, competing against Avery, who is reporting with John Haggerty, the Wolf Network's conservative superstar. Also, Pat is horrified when Miles forces him to wear a conservative suit after assigning him to analyze numbers and trends on-air throughout the day

  • s11e05
    in 5 days

    Fearful of being scooped while legal vets her weighty investigative story, Murphy is exasperated when she learns Frank is dating an anchor, Christy Shepherd, from the competing Wolf Network.

  • s11e04
    • 0.00/5
    2 days ago

    Murphy and the team weigh the pros and cons of accepting the offer to have the first interview with a headline-grabbing former White House senior advisor who wants to promote his divisive book and agenda on 'Murphy in the Morning.' Also, Avery moderates a lively political discussion on his show with locals in Buffalo, N.Y.

  • s11e03
    • 0.00/5
    1 week ago
    Murphy Brown - S11E4

    After Murphy attends a sexual harassment seminar for the 'Murphy in the Morning' staff, she is surprised to find herself reeling from the long-repressed memory of her own #MeToo moment.

    (Screencap by
  • s11e02
    • 0.00/5
    2 weeks ago
    Murphy Brown - S11E4

    After decades of being banned, Murphy and the team devise an elaborate ruse to sneak her into a White House press briefing. Also, Phyllis hires an enthusiastic college 'Dreamer,' Miguel, to help out at the bar.

    (Screencap by
  • s11e01
    • 0.00/5
    3 weeks ago
    Murphy Brown - S11E4

    Back in the game after a brief retirement, and faced with a world of 24-hour cable, social media, 'fake news' and a vastly different political climate, Murphy is determined to draw the line between good television and honest reporting, proving that the world needs Murphy Brown now more than ever.

    (Screencap by