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Mob City Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Mob City

  • Show status
  • on network
  • Last episode S1E6 aired 2013-12-19
    2 years ago
  • Rating based on 6 user-votes
    • 4.33/5

    Mob City (TV-Show)4.3/5 (6 Votes)

    4.3 / 5
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Mob City (source:

Last episode:

Mob City - S1E6
(Screencap by TVRAGE)
aired 2013-12-19 (2 years ago)
Stay Down
Season: 1 | Episode: 6
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  • 4.00/5
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Show Summary

The true story of a decades-long conflict between the Los Angeles Police Department, under the determined leadership of Police Chief William Parker, and ruthless criminal elements led by Mickey Cohen, a one-time boxer who rose to the top of L.A.’s criminal world. The series is a fast-paced crime drama set in Los Angeles during the 1940s and '50s. It's a world of glamorous movie stars, powerful studio heads, returning war heroes, a powerful and corrupt police force and an even more dangerous criminal network determined to make L.A. its West Coast base.

(Source of summary and banner:

Started: Dec/04/2013
Ended: Dec/18/2013
Usually aired on: Wednesday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Crime Drama
Country: US US

Alternative titles:
  • L.A. Noir (Working Title)
  • Lost Angels (US)
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  • s01e06
    • 4.00/5
    2 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    Mob City - S1E6 Bugsy is acquitted, but the East Coast mobsters are not happy about the bad publicity, and Bugsy's childhood friend Meyer Lansky travels to L.A. to deliver the bad news about Bugsy's dream of a Las Vegas casino empire. Teague makes a deal with the devil that doesn't go well, and he refuses Stax advice to stay down. Mayor Bowron is impressed with Parker as a stand up guy and asks him to help clean up the corruption in the police department.
    (Screencap by TVRAGE)
  • s01e05
    • 4.00/5
    2 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Mob City - S1E6 Rothman pushes Teague hard for the whereabouts of the witness against Bugsy, in the process learning one of Teague's secrets. The LAPD's star witness gets put in jeopardy by a source inside the police department, and the backlash falls squarely on Parker's shoulders. Jasmine's blackmailer plays his final card, and she is forced into a corner to save another person's life. Bunny brokers a peace between Siegel and Dragna, threatening a race war unless the two mobsters keep their violence out of his territory.
    (Screencap by TVRAGE)
  • s01e04
    • 5.00/5
    2 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    Mob City - S1E6 Parker finally arrests Bugsy but underestimates the mobster's connections and must quickly gather enough evidence to arraign him. While Siegel sits in jail, another mobster tries to muscle in on his turf. Jasmine's blackmailer gets more desperate while Teague gets an unexpected visit from Rothman.
    (Screencap by TVRAGE)
  • s01e03
    • 5.00/5
    2 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Mob City - S1E6 After two years, Bugsy has the chance to take revenge on a man and he decides to do it personally, unaware that someone is watching with a camera. Parker is ordered to stay away from the Siegel case but he is determined his task force will make the arrest. The police realize the blackmail material that Hecky had on Bugsy was photographs and Teague is worried that will lead to Jasmine. Meanwhile, Jasmine is being shaken down by a friend of Hecky's who knows everything. In Las Vegas, Bugsy is breaking ground for a new casino and trying to convince the east coast bosses that his vision is sound while his LA crew has decided Carl Steckler is a liability.
    (Screencap by TVRAGE)
  • s01e02
    • 4.00/5
    2 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    Mob City - S1E6 Having failed to get the comedian's evidence against the mob, the police turn to his girlfriend Jasmine, who is playing a very dangerous game herself. Meanwhile, Rothman acts quickly on a piece in intelligence and gets revenge for his bosses.
    (Screencap by TVRAGE)
  • s01e01
    • 4.00/5
    2 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Mob City - S1E6 A club comedian who grew up with mobsters sees an opportunity to cash in at their expense. He hires a local cop as a bodyguard during his off duty hours, not knowing the police hope to gather what ever blackmail evidence the comedian has on the mob as a weapon against organized crime in Los Angeles.
    (Screencap by TVRAGE)