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Marvel"s The Inhumans Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Marvel"s The Inhumans

  • Show status
  • on network
  • Next episode S1E6 airs 2017-10-28
    in 4 days
  • Last episode S1E5 aired 2017-10-21
    2 days ago
  • Rating based on 17 user-votes
    • 3.00/5

    Marvel"s The Inhumans (TV-Show)3.0/5 (17 Votes)

    3.0 / 5
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Last episode:

(Screencap by
aired 2017-10-21 (2 days ago)
Something Inhuman This Way Comes
Season: 1 | Episode: 5
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  • 5.00/5
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Next episode:

airs 2017-10-28 (in 4 days )
The Gentleman's Name is Gorgon
Season: 1 | Episode: 6

Gorgon and Karnak take on Auran and her Inhuman army with disastrous results.

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Show Summary

The Inhumans have always been on of Marvel's most enduring oddities. A race of genetic outsiders, they live secluded in their island kingdom of Attilan, preferring not to mix with the outside world. Even stranger, their genetic mutations are self-endowed; each inhuman, as a coming-of-age ritual, endures exposure to the Terrigan Mists, a strange substance that imparts unearthly powers, some extraordinary, some monstrous. But now the kingdom of Attilan is under attack from without and within. Can the Royal Family, led by Black Bolt (who cannot speak, as his voice carries the destructive power of an atomic bomb) repel the foreign invaders who blast at their outer defense, as well as the internal threat of Black Blots brother, Maximus the Mad?

ABC Started:
Usually airs on:

Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama Action Science-Fiction
Country: US US
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  • s01e08
    in 2 weeks

    The final showdown between Black Bolt and Maximus takes an unexpected turn.

  • s01e07
    in 1 week

    The Royal Family returns to Attilan and comes face-to-face with Maximus. Can a truce be reached or is all-out war inevitable?

  • s01e06
    in 4 days

    Gorgon and Karnak take on Auran and her Inhuman army with disastrous results.

  • s01e05
    • 5.00/5
    2 days ago

    When Karnak helps Jen against Reno, she's badly wounded. The Inhuman has no choice but to turn and fight despite his lack of powers. Meanwhile, Gorgon searches for his cousin, and Auran takes Evan and Sammy hostage to force Black Bolt to return to them.

    (Screencap by
  • s01e04
    • 3.25/5
    1 week ago

    Medusa continues her search for Black Bolt. Meanwhile, Gorgon goes to find Karnak, Lockjaw gets medical treatment, and Maximus banishes the Genetic Council when they refuse to heed his commands.

    (Screencap by
  • s01e03
    • 3.25/5
    2 weeks ago

    Black Bolt meets a fellow Inhuman in prison. Meanwhile, begins to acclimate to human life, Gorgon and his new allies face Auran and her hunter squad, and Karnak continues losing his abilities.

    (Screencap by
  • s01e02
    • 2.75/5
    3 weeks ago

    Louise travels to Hawaii to investigate the mysterious teleportation glitches from the moon to the earth. Meanwhile, Black Bolt is arrested, Gorgon makes friends, Medusa catches a bus, Karnak's power falters, and Maximus tries to recruit Crystal to his side.

    (Screencap by
  • s01e01
    • 2.25/5
    3 weeks ago

    On the moon, the original Inhumans take refuge in the city of Attilan. However, their growing population threatens to exceed their resources, and the powerless Maximus advocates a stronger stance against humans. When his brother, King Black Bolt, refuses, Maximus leads a coup that scatters the Royal Family in four different locales in Hawaii.

    (Screencap by