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Justified Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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  • Show status
  • on network
  • Last episode S6E13 aired 2015-04-15
    9 years ago
  • Rating based on 30 user-votes
    • 3.80/5

    Justified (TV-Show)3.8/5 (30 Votes)

    3.8 / 5
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Justified (source:

Last episode:

aired 2015-04-15 (9 years ago)
The Promise
Season: 6 | Episode: 13
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  • 3.00/5
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Show Summary

This show is about U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, a modern day 19th century-style lawman, who enforces his brand of justice to put a target on his back with criminals and puts him at odds with his bosses in the Marshal service. As a result, he gets reassigned to the U.S. District covering the town where he grew up.

(Source of banner:

FX Started: Mar/16/2010
Ended: Apr/14/2015
Usually aired on: Tuesday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Action Crime Drama
Country: US US

Alternative titles:
  • Lawman (Working Title)
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  • s06e13
    • 3.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Raylan, Boyd, and Ava fight one last, bloody battle to find out who leaves Harlan alive.
  • s06e12
    • 5.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Raylan and Boyd’s paths cross as they search for Ava in the mountains. Markham recruits an unlikely ally to his cause.
  • s06e11
    • 3.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Raylan and the Marshals scramble to deal with a crisis that threatens all of their careers. Duffy, Mike, and Katherine question the meaning of loyalty.
  • s06e10
    • 3.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    More pressure is out on his CIs by Raylan. A move is made on Markham's money by Boyd.
  • s06e09
    • 3.00/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Raylan and Boyd each test Ava's loyalty, and Markham's plans to win over Harlan go awry.
  • s06e08
    • 4.50/5
    9 years ago
    02:00- 03:00
    Raylan's unexpected offer to Markham; Boyd and Ava in Walker's dangerous company.
  • s06e07
    • 4.00/5
    9 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    A visit from his daughter sees Raylan being pulled away from the hunt for a dangerous fugitive at large.
  • s06e06
    • 3.00/5
    9 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    Raylan takes a look at a murder that has managed to sew discord in Markham's camp.
  • s06e05
    • 2.00/5
    9 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    A drastic decision is made by Ava. Raylan turns to an old friend. Duffy takes a look into Ava's release.
  • s06e04
    • 1.00/5
    9 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    Raylan is determined to get even with the people who are forcing Harlan's most valuable real estate to be sold.
  • s06e03
    • 1.00/5
    9 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    Raylan is on the trail of explosives in an attempt to locate Boyd, who finds out that he's run afoul.
  • s06e02
    • 2.00/5
    9 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    Raylan's investigation brings him into conflict with a paramilitary outfit, while Boyd and his partners try to salvage a profit from their heist.
  • s06e01
    • 2.00/5
    9 years ago
    03:00- 04:00
    Raylan helps Ava inform on Boyd. Boyd hopes to pull off a daring heist.