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Gang Related Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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Gang Related

  • Show status
  • on network
  • Last episode S1E13 aired 2014-08-15
    10 years ago
  • Rating based on 1 user-votes
    • 1.00/5

    Gang Related (TV-Show)1.0/5 (1 Vote)

    1.0 / 5
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Gang Related (source:

Last episode:

aired 2014-08-15 (10 years ago)
Season: 1 | Episode: 13
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Show Summary

Created by Chris Morgan, Gang Related centers on Ryan Lopez (Rodriguez), a rising star in L.A.'s elite Gang Task Force -- led by Sam Chapel (O'Quinn) -- who teams up with longtime Task Force member Cassius Green (RZA) to take on three of the city's most dangerous gangs, including one he has ties to.

(Source of summary and banner:

FOX Started: May/22/2014
Ended: Aug/14/2014
Usually aired on: Thursday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama Action Crime
Country: US US

Alternative titles:
  • Katujen kasvatti (FI)
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  • s01e13
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    01:00- 02:00

    Daniel decides to use his wedding to complete a deal with Javier and Lavar Quintel; Chapel takes his team to Mexico to look for Matias.

  • s01e12
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    01:00- 02:00

    As Javier and Ryan make a deal with the district attorney's office, the Metas start to unravel the mystery regarding Salazar's death; Jessica reveals Ryan's secret.

  • s01e11
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    01:00- 02:00

    Jessica makes a shocking discovery about Ryan.

  • s01e10
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    01:00- 02:00

    Ryan proves his loyalty to the GTF by arresting Javier; realizing he has lost his credibility in the banking business, Daniel decides to embrace his true identity.

  • s01e09
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    01:00- 02:00

    The Meta gang sets off an explosion during a Los Angelicos festival that leads to plans to retaliate; Jessica shares a discovery with Carter.

  • s01e08
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    01:00- 02:00

    A modification to the three-strikes law causes complications for the GTF; Jessica sees Silvia visit Ryan.

  • s01e07
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    01:00- 02:00

    While Dan is held hostage by a rival gang, Ryan embarks on a dangerous heist to retrieve the confiscated fish scale.

  • s01e06
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    01:00- 02:00

    Daniel puts himself at risk while trying to make up for money he mismanaged; Carlos becomes mistrustful of Javier's plan.