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Ascension Show Summary, Upcoming Episodes and TV Guide

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  • Show status
  • on network
  • Last episode S1E6 aired 2014-12-18
    9 years ago
  • Rating based on 15 user-votes
    • 4.07/5

    Ascension (TV-Show)4.1/5 (15 Votes)

    4.1 / 5
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Ascension (source:

Last episode:

aired 2014-12-18 (9 years ago)
Season 1, Episode 6
Season: 1 | Episode: 6
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  • 5.00/5
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Show Summary

In 1963, the U.S. government launched a covert space mission sending hundreds of men, women and children on a century-long voyage aboard the starship Ascension to populate a new world. Nearly 50 years into the journey, as they approach the point of no return, a mysterious murder of a young woman causes the ship’s population to question the true nature of their mission.

(Source of summary and banner:

Syfy Started: Dec/15/2014
Ended: Dec/17/2014
Usually aired on: Monday

Type: Mini-Series
Genres: Drama Mystery Sci-Fi
Country: US US
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    Ascension - S1E6 The breeding program yields a success when Christa manifests powers. Meanwhile, Viondra tries to take command of Ascension as the struggle between the upper and lower decks continues.
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    Ascension - S1E6 Christa displays her psychic abilities, learning of the world outside of the ship... and the man in white gloves. Meanwhile, Krueger begins her investigation into the murder, and keeps an eye on Harris.
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    Ascension - S1E6 As nuclear war threatens the world in 1963, John F. Kennedy authorizes the creation of the colony ship Ascension and sends a select group of individuals on a 102-year trip to Proxima Centauri to ensure humanity's survival. However, a young woman's murder triggers off a potential revolt as the crew debates whether to return to Earth or not.
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