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  • Show status
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    BBC three
  • Last episode S7E6 aired 2011-06-30
    10 years ago
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Last episode:

aired 2011-06-30 (10 years ago)
The Red King
Season: 7 | Episode: 6
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Show Summary

Moz (Jonny Vegas) is a small-time drug dealer living in a squalid flat with his girlfriend Nicki (Nicola Reynolds).

His flat is visited by a constant stream of odd characters who want to buy drugs or just have a smoke and a chat.

Regular visitors include China (Natalie Gunmede), Asia (Rebecca Atkinson), Jenny (Sinead Matthews), Craig (Seymour Mace), Kuldip (Ronny Jhutti), Sungita (Sunetra Sarker), Brian (Graham Duff) and Cartoon Head (James Foster).

Moz's usual supplier is PC (Tom Goodman-Hill), a young policemanwho passes on drugs confiscated from other dealers.

Started: Jan/2005
Ended: Jun/2011
Usually aired on: Monday

Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy Crime Drama
Country: UK UK
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  • s07e06
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    21:30- 22:00
    Moz ends up coming face to face with a gang of dangerous gingers called the Red Mist. Carmel finds herself having to choose between Colin and Jake. Yasuko ends up leaving Derrick for Fist.
  • s07e05
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    Moz attempts to turn his friendship with Tilly into a proper relationship. Colin ends up hiring his estranged wife Carmel for an escort girl.
  • s07e04
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    After believing that Moz is an avant garde artist, Tilly arranges for him to hold an exhibition. Jess and Cartoon Head mess around with ketamine and end up finding themselves out of their depth.
  • s07e03
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    10 years ago
    21:30- 22:00
    Moz and Nicki begin a rival hash dealing businesses but a price war starts with both businesses attempting to undercut each other. Brian and Carmel open up a brothel.
  • s07e02
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    21:30- 22:00
    Having no money, Moz decides to call in his debts. All of his friends though seem reluctant to pay him back. Jess ends up falling under the spell of masked hit man Cartoon Head.
  • s07e01
    • 0.00/5
    10 years ago
    21:30- 22:00
    Moz makes plans to try and win back Jenny. After he discovers though that she has joined the police force, his plans end up being thrown into disarray.